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About Us

Mercer County Historical Society

The Mercer County Historical Society (MCHS) was forned on October 29.1974 by the Mercer County Bicentennial Commission. It is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organiztion whose purpose is to study and preserve the history of Mercer County. MCHS does this in a variety of ways such as collecting artifacts and maintaining a museum, buying actual historic real estate, producing annual historic events and providing educational resources.


  History of Mercer County

Mercer County began as part of the Charles River Shire in 1634. It subsequently became Spottsylvania(1720), Orange (1734), Augusta (1738), Botetourt(1769), Fincastle(1772), Montgomery(1776), Wythe(1790) Giles(1806) and Tazewell (1799). Mercer County was formed on March 17, 1837 from Giles and Tazewell counties.

Mercer County was named after General Hugh Mercer of the Revolutionary War.